• reading smut in english: nice
  • reading smut in your native language: oh god... that's... that's actually really gross... you can't say that

do you ever feel embarrassed to be in your own skin like please just dont look at me i wish i didnt exist sometimes like i want to disappear because i cannot handle being me 

@glassofwhiskey: So, I saw these beauty yesterday while I was walking around the Sony lot. My good god I have missed her. Such good times we had together. The door was locked and I felt really sad that I didn’t have the key.

i t ’ s  o k a y  t o  l o v e  t h e m  b o t h .

that’s what katherine used to say. how sad is it that my own evil doppelganger was smarter than me?

"The  w o l v e s  will come  a g a i n 


for someone who hates boys i really really like boys

phoebe tonkin photographed by ted emmons for nylon // october 2014

step one, discredit the witnesses. step two, introduce a new suspect.
                                 step three,  w e   b u r y   t h e   e v i d e n c e .


everything in my life is at least subtly related to 1d


Anna Pogossova

Iceland series, 2013